Nature’s Wisdom: Welcoming the Unknown


I’ve been hearing from people that life is moving and that this is leaving them unsettled, scared and with so much uncertainty that it has been difficult navigating the day to day. I can relate to this from a personal perspective too.

How can we learn to navigate our lives of uncertainty through Nature’s Wisdom? I know that for myself, observing nature serves as a huge inspiration. Nature is a neutral example of what life is. It is a physical model of objective living.


Looking at nature, I see proof of growth, transformation, unity, collaboration, adaptability, adversity and so many other life lessons. To learn from this mentor about how to step into this uncertainty, I notice that the wisdom that I appreciate so much from nature comes from her facing the unknown.



Spring time is nature’s way of transforming herself into something new. It is also the stage where the growth is assured yet totally unknown. In four weeks all of nature will be different. I might not be able to see exactly what it will look like but I know it will have transformed. This is a fact. Something that I have witnessed and lived through, over and over again.

Like nature, I learn to trust myself and my abilities to face the unknown, my change of season or transformation into the next stage of my life will come with time. Valuing myself, allowing self-recognition to take hold of me and support me during these unknown times.


The journey to self

Letting go of the unknown and trusting in my own capacity and capabilities to make today count in my journey. That means that I accept the pace and rhythm of things showing up in my life. I practice patience when things don’t show up right away. I find the strength to welcome patience in my life by looking at nature.

Nature’s transformation is taking place yet it is not a consistent growth. Some days, we have beautiful sunny days, the next day brings a snow storm, or torrential rain falls. We have fluctuating weather that will test any positive thinking person.

Facing the unknown is not about focusing on what is taking place outside but facing the internal battle that is contributing to creating the best journey towards this change.

Even when we have travelled many roads, we always feel like the journey is long the first time we travel an unknown path. When I pay attention to nature’s journey of stepping into spring, I witness that the journey is long, slow and uncharted yet it takes place.


Finding inspiration in nature’s way of facing the unknown can serve as encouragement and motivation for our journey into the unexplored part of our own personal journey.

Go outside to see how nature is facing the different season and allow yourself to be inspired by her. Breathe her in and observe how nature is going through a very similar journey to your own.

Share what you learn and how nature is guiding your journey.

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