Resistances, what are they and how do they work?

At this very minute, your resistance is so high that you are doing anything and everything to avoid doing what you should be doing. You have been working towards this very thing for a long time and now that you are getting close to accomplishing it, you find all kinds of excuses to avoid finishing it.

That is the kind of resistance that I am talking about.

We find this in our way of dealing or should I say, of not dealing with what we have to accomplish. Old skins must be peeled away, and you must give up a part of yourself; that part that still clings to an old outdated conditioning and to old ways either through negligence or refusal to release them.

Shedding parts of yourself that have helped to define you is not an easy thing. It is like trying to get rid of an old worn out comfy pair of jeans. You know that pair of jeans that you keep in your closet for sentimental reasons, for those days when you need them. That is what you are trying to shed from your life, an old skin.

Your fears and your doubts are taking over and are guiding your every move. You are no longer able to keep your goals in mind. You get distracted, you find distractions, and you know that if you don’t do the one thing that you have to do, you will be disappointed. You want it so much but why can’t you jump over this resistance?

We all have them and we have a bunch of systems that vary from simple to complex. Who hasn’t had a due date for a project, a proposal, a work assignment, etc.? As you get close to your goal, you find yourself unable to get to the end.

Resistance is that part of us that clings to an outdated part of ourselves. The disruption needed demands that you take a leap into a situation to whose implication you are blind. If you can find the courage within yourself to breakthrough your fears to shed that secure, comfortable and known part of yourself, who knows what it might bring you.

Breaking through them is an act of courage, it requires personal growth that I would call rebirth to one self. You must be clear with yourself and your intentions must be authentic with your Being. It requires that you put your needs before your wants.

This step demands that you be patient, fair, modest and sincere with yourself. Respect yourself in your limits. Do not overreach or operate beyond your own strength. The wisdom that you have acquired through your instincts, your intuition is your best ally at this time.

To take the leap could bring you to a new beginning, to a release from uncertainty and tension but this step can only be taken by you. So stay centered and grounded, make the decision, and jump.


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