The Trees

trees-329314_1280I do a lot of my own growth journey while walking through a forest and listening to what it has to teach me.  This article was written after one of these walks.

For me, the trees are the souls of the forest.  They are the wisdom, the pulse and the mirror of the woods. We can learn so much from these magnificent living beings.

Have you ever stopped to watch a tree while it stands graciously in the forest, basking in the sun & the wind?

If you look closely, you will notice that some branches are dancing in the wind while others sit still.  Usually the top of the tree sways ever so slightly while the trunk stands unmoving.

Now if you have the chance to watch a forest on a beautiful sunny day, look at how regal the tall trees are, with their top held high, they offer shade or shelter for the small animals.  They offer beauty in the wonderful shades of colours that each tree brings to the wonderful drawing that is the forest.  Add that in front of a blue sky with soft, fluffy white clouds and you have a picture perfect day.  Compare this to your daily life and you will see that we all have days like this in our lives.

I can look at this picture and recognize the beauty without seeing any ugliness.

I can see the serenity, the beauty, the flow of wonderful energy that the wind breaths in the forest. I can recognize this here but I don’t often take the time to look at my life with this same eye that allows me to recognize my own bigger picture.

The trees have shown me to take advantage of those quiet times that allow me to just BE.

Standing still in my life and letting myself sway with its rhythms rather than try and run and force things to happen.

I spent a good part of my life being so busy trying to do what had to be done that I forgot to see how beautiful my life was and how I had a richness in myself, my kids and my home.

I often forgot to look at my own inner beauty, my own spectrum of colour.  I could always find that branch in my tree that was ugly or not perfect.  While looking at the trees I have learned to accept my broken branches, my imperfections and make them part of who I am.

Look at a tree and notice that, what make it beautiful are those greys, those browns, those cuts, the hanging branches, the missing branches, and the lopsided way that the branches have grown.  Those are the characteristics of uniqueness.

Why can I accept that a tree can be so beautiful with all these imperfections but I cannot learn to love myself with all that I AM?

I can be lopsided, injured, scared, a different colour, a different height, a different size.  I can be different and still be part of the forest.

The tree doesn’t question whether he is in the right spot or not.  He stands there and takes advantage of the beautiful day and accepts that he is exactly where he should be.

What part of you are you holding back and preventing from showing up in your life?  That part that is uniquely you, that part that is needed to join in to make that difference that you were meant to make.

If you would like to learn more about connecting with your uniqueness and how to bring it into your daily life so that you can contribute in a positive and constructive way to your personal growth and your surroundings, I would love to help you.


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  1. Diana says:

    Interesting and amusing set of phtoos.This was a far more pleasant display of random objects in trees than those which unfortunately I am all-too familiar with.I am a native New Orleanian, and witnessing some of the things that I saw up in trees after the storm was (along with the other damage) something that will scar me for life.I’m talking about such things as demolished boats, pieces of people’s homes, dead cows, an eighteen-wheeler (not an exaggeration), etc.Sorry to put such a damper on what really was an entertaining post, but this one really struck home with me and I felt compelled to comment.

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