What can we learn from stress?

stopwatch-73399_640Stress seems to be part of our lives.

Through my own process and while helping my clients through stressful situations in their life, I have discovered that if we learn to identify our stress and recognize it, this helps in finding our centre. Our centre, as I call it, is that inner connection to our self, that place inside of us that keeps us grounded and growing and flowing in our life even through all the stress and chaos.

With this constant stress in our life, we have to make sure that we have the proper tools to be leading it and not have it lead us.

I discovered that stress shows up in various ways in our lives. One of the first ways to deal with stress is observe where and how it shows up in your life.

Stress doesn’t always wear the same mask but once we know how to recognize certain facets of it, it becomes easier to spot and then turn it on its head so that we are leading our life again. There are a variety of signs to watch out for, here are a few:

  • Over reacting:  You know that part of us that becomes this hulk just because the guy in front of us cut us off (when we weren’t in a hurry to start off with).  That part of us that flares up at things in a disproportionate way. That same situation would be showing up as somebody else going through it or dealing with it, and it doesn’t bother us. Or the reverse, we get bothered by things that are not ours to start with.
  • Non-restful sleep:  You know you are always tired and ready to go to bed and when you do, you wake up the next day, even more tired.
  • No patience:  You expect results yesterday.  Those results that you are seeking can be from yourself, your employees, your partner, your kids, etc. You know that part of you that wants everything to change as soon as you have the idea that it could change and should change. That part that gets upset at the time it takes to get things done. That part of you that wants to do it all yourself because you will have better control over the situation.  When you take on the situation to have more control, this adds more responsibility, more work and more stress.
  • The physical tensions in your body:  When your shoulders are up at your ears, there is something that you are carrying around with you and it’s not your purse(well it might be J) You know when you have constant neck and shoulder tensions, that is a good indication. Stress does not always lodge itself there but this is a choice area. Over the 5-6 years of working with my clients, I have seen so many ways that people carry stress in their body. I have found it in various places in the body:  the jaw, the throat, upper and lower back, the abdomen and more.  You get the picture. I have noticed that stress will rest in our bodies where we are the most vulnerable physically. These locations give us information about what to do with it, how to work on it and why it goes there in the first place. All of this information can help us to understand our bodies more and learn to drive our own energy rather than be driven by the stress in our lives.

To help recognize that there is stress and be able to deal with it and manage it, find your centre. Observe yourself through these four common situations that show up.  By identifying where it shows up you can then practice at getting yourself to your centre, this will allow you to recognize it and leave it outside of your body. Take a few deep breaths and exhale through your mouth, to make sure that stress does not stay inside of you but is thrown out exactly like you would throw out trash. Finding our center in the eye of the storm is what makes us find our inner peace while living through so much chaos.

If you are struggling with finding your centre and you are ready to find how you can take back your life from your stress, my VIP days are exactly for that purpose. We spend a full day together focusing on one situation, we clean up the effects of that situation and then we go through a process to help you get stronger and have the proper tools to face other similar situations in your daily life. You will come out of this process ready to face your days with more energy and more pleasure.


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